Website designing is not an easy task. Just deciding to design the website is not sufficient; a person should have an idea regarding the various steps that will help the person achieve the best design of the website. A person can go for the Online shop decoration templates production at a reasonable rate. There are various types about which we will discuss in detail:


  1. Homepage


The homepage is the first thing that comes to the customers' notice when they visit an online site. They generally make their mindset based on the look of the homepage. Creating a good home page will leave a good impression on the people within seconds. In general, the quality of the homepage will include the following elements:


  • Set all the categories of the products on either side of the homepage.
  • One main image will denote the current offers or the most popular products.
  • There must be a proper presentation on the page related to the availability of the products.


  1. Category Page


Category pages help the people in the organization of all the products that are available in various products and facilities. The customers who plan to purchase the product from the online store wish to get it instantly and even on mobile devices to gather the complete detail conveniently. Therefore, a person who is creating the category page should always keep in mind that it contains:



  • Good and the descriptive URL
  • Feature unique texts for the complete descriptions
  • Provides the feature to filter al the product suggestions


  1. Product Page


The design of the product page is the most crucial step in doing online business. No matter which product a person is dealing with, if the product page is not appealing, the customers will visit the page and never come back to the place. Therefore, this is the product of the site that must contain the full features:


  • Good quality of the photos of the various products
  • All the specifications of the products, including the name, size, and the prices
  • A detailed description of the available products
  • All the reviews of the customers related to the products.


  1. Checkout Page


This is another page for the part of the website design. If the person keeps the focus on their checkout page, people will not have to face any of the issues related to ordering the new products. This is the page that must comply with the below-mentioned conditions:


  • All the payment options that a site accepts must be available as an option.
  • The customers should be given the complete detail regarding the cost that they have to bear after the post-checkout.


  1. About Us Page


Like the other pages, even the information available on the about us page account is ignored by the person. Most buyers have the mentality that they will visit the about us page and gather the detail and then only over the product of their choice.


This is the page that contains all the information regarding the working and the history of the company. This will help the customers in trusting the specified seller.